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Arabic Language Course Levels & Course Content

Our Arabic course content will depend on profession, proficiency in Arabic and objectives, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Arabic language training provides both general and customized language courses designed to meet the participant’s needs, incorporating the vocabulary specific to their job-specific communication.

Arabic Language can be scheduled for individuals or groups and provided at participant’s workplace, at home or in- house training at our centre.


Early Start, Grow Smart and set your child off on an enjoyable path of discovering the Arabic language today! Our Arabic for Kids program which makes learning Arabic fun and easy for kids ages 6 and above. The program is individually tailored to suit the needs and requirements of each child. The courses are taught by highly qualified native speakers and are conducted in one to one and in a small group to ensure that your child gets the individual attention needed.


Our programme use unique methods that will allow you to speak Arabic easily. The aim of this unique course is to build upand improve instantly the communication skills, ensuring an immediate contact and prompt success in business and in private life.

Conversational Arabic (spoken) gives the learner consistent and practical speaking skills.

Conversation with Arabic speaking clients, colleagues and friends would not seem such a challenge after a set of practical Arabic language classes with our professional instructor.


Develops skills in standard Arabic while providing additional material in Colloquial Arabic. The program develops all language related skills including, reading & writing, listening, speaking. Reading skills are developed through the use of composed texts derived from the main narrative and authentic text from newspapers and journals. Most topics included focusing on daily life. 

 At the higher levels, the program features intensive reading that is focused on grammar and pronunciation - not just comprehension. Substantial amounts of drills and exercises are included to help students memorize and gain active control of an expanded vocabulary. Also it develops writing skills at the paragraph level. In-depth focus on grammar and structure using complex texts, it includes topics of general and professional interest. Classical Arabic is the language used for all official correspondence and speeches


Offers customized one-on-one or group language courses at your location or instructor led classroom at our centre

We have designed language training courses for executives, companies and small businesses.

We offer a variety of training formats for our Arabic course from intensive, weeklong courses to extensive, modular Arabic lessons. Appropriate formats will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy.

Tailor-made courses to fit work schedule and industry-specific. A corporate Arabic course can be conveniently held in your office in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Our Clients

Application Developers and Photographers

Course Levels


After a written assessment test and an oral assessment interview you are placed in the appropriate level.

The written assessment test takes approximately 60 minutes and covers grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills. It is available online. Please return the placement test by email or take directly from the centre before the stating of the course; otherwise it is possible that you might miss the first day’s classes.

This Arabic course is designed for learners who want to study basic Arabic language skills for everyday use. It will enable you to begin to communicate with Arabic speakers.We also offers individual class or small group tailor-made according to the needs of the clients from the business community, government departments or other institutions. Excellence Centre regularly offers courses in

Arabic Conversation Programs – Spoken only

The primary aim is to speak the Arabic language, as the title suggests. Arabic Expert has developed one of the most practical and successful curricula in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. It is an Arabic speaking classes oriented-curriculum that has been filtered and perfected in providing spoken Arabic classes and Arabic courses

Since the Middle East Countries give a number of opportunities to skilled and non-skilled professionals from around the world, the number of those keenly interested in our conversational Arabic courses and Arabic speaking classes has significantly increased. It is quite obvious that these professionals prefer learning the working knowledge of the spoken Arabic language course rather going to the details of towering value and excellence.

It is important that the students realize from the start that there are two types of the Arabic language spoken in Arabic speaking countries. One is spoken at home, or in public place, but it is not written. The other one is that which is spoken on televisions, radios, colleges and universities etc. But, the syllabus of Arabic course at EXCELLENCE is combination of both, i. e. Colloquial and Standard Arabic.

Arabic Communication Program – Spoken & Written

The aim of the course is to develop ability to understand spoken Arabic, read a variety of texts written in Arabic and communicate effectively in Arabic orally and in writing. This course is the Modern standard Arabic (MSA), the language of all official forms of communication and media throughout the Arab world.

The teaching method is introductory and complete by which student can start learning Arabic from a zero level and all aspects of Modern Arabic grammar are dealt with, so that after completing the study using this method, students are able to make use of the full possibilities Arabic grammar offers to express themselves correctly both orally and in writing.

It implements an audio-lingual approach to language teaching while presenting the elements of Modern Standard Arabic as written and spoken in the contemporary Arab World


You can understand single sentences and information on familiar topics (e.g. family, shopping and work) and can obtain practical details from everyday texts.

Learning any language, takes time and effort. We make the process a lot easier by providing you:

  • Conversation oriented training program from beginner to advanced level
  • Highly trained and engaging native Arabic speakers to provide guidance and motivation
  • Speak your target language quickly with less effort
  • Course material in English and Arabic with supporting CDs to build on what you have learnt in your free time
  • A pleasant learning environment and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends
  • Private, semi-private and group classes available
  • Real life situations used in class.
  • Small and friendly class sizes.
  • Emphasis on all key skills (Reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary).

Beginner Course

This is an introductory course to Arabic language and culture. It assumes no previous knowledge of Arabic and provides a thorough knowledge in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

It is based on the combination of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and spoken dialectical Arabic in a way that reflects the actual use of language by its native speakers. This technically leads to the creation of a new mixed variety of MSA and spoken Arabic. It aims at further developing the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

This course consists of 4 levels

Intermediate Course

This is an intermediate level course in Arabic. Similar to beginner course its a combination of Modern Standard Arabic and spoken Arabic to reflect the language as used by native speakers. The course continues building upon the linguistic foundations and aims at developing the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing students will also be reading longer passages writing on the paragraph level, listening to longer texts, and producing longer conversations. It aims at developing a higher level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Arabic through the extensive use of graded materials on a wide variety of topics. The material covered is theme-based. This increases both quality and quantity of students' vocabulary and they will have more fluency and facility in understanding the language and communicating ideas.

This course consists of 4 levels

Advanced Course

This is an advanced Arabic course that requires the completion of Intermediate Arabic as its prerequisite. While this course continues to build upon the linguistic skills Advanced Arabic primarily focuses on developing fluency in oral expression with the hope to reach to a native-like pronunciation and demonstrating accurate use of grammatical structures of Modern Standard Arabic.

The material used for this course is chosen in such a way that develops students' linguistic skills to proficiency levels. Students will be dealing with topics at the advance high level. These topics are presented through authentic Arabic language materials on topics like minorities in the Arab World, Arabic Language, health and sports etc


This course consists of 4 levels

Our Methods

Our programmes offer flexibility, personalised programmes and effective learning support. We offer a variety of training formats for our Arabic courses ranging from intensive, weeklong courses to extensive, flexible Arabic programmes. Appropriate formats will be discussed during your assessment.

There is guided practice in language usage and use, and authentic communicative activities. Class size is limited to seven to allow intensive interactive practice with individual feedback and advice on progress.

Arabic language has developed a method and a level of progression as well as tailored activities so that each student can reach their set objectives

Suitable tailored and published materials as well as online learning resources will be used throughout your Arabic course, with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made at the beginning and throughout the duration of your course. Activities promote communication so that students can adapt themselves to different types of situation (day-to-day, educational or professional).

The basic programme provides intensive coaching in grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Reading and listening comprehensions as well as written exercises are important components of our German courses. One of our basic principles is to ensure a maximum of oral communication. You are encouraged to practice your spoken German with your teacher and with your classmates.

Our Teachers

Proven and qualified teams of Native teaching professionals are attentive teachers and proficient at cross-cultural communication. Our teachers are also chosen for their interpersonal skills and their open-mindedness towards other countries and cultures.Their enthusiasm and spontaneity guarantees a professional and lively classroom environment

Arabic course trainer who will be assigned to our students following the results of theassessment, according to the objectives and areas of focus of students

Our Clients

Application Developers and Photographers


Depending on your availability , your lessons will take place in the morning, in the afternoon during weekdays or weekends

  • Standard Course
09:00 – 1:30 p.m. Saturdays - Thursdays
6:30 – 09:30 p.m. Saturdays - Thursdays
02:30 - 8:00 p.m. Fridays
  • Intensive Course (Semi Private Groups and Private Class)

Classes will be arranged as required

  • Holiday Course

Classes will be scheduled during every winter/summer holidays depending on breaks