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The English language is one of the most popular languages in the present day. It is originally the language of England , and it is the native language of some of the most important nations of the world including The USA , The UK ,South Africa and Australia. It is the Lingua Franca of the contemporary world. From personal to social; business to academic ; verbal , written or online , the language of communication is English.

At Excellence we have a holistic approach toward learning and teaching English. Our English Programmes are systematically designed to fulfill the specific requirement of a variety of learners who come from a wide range of society- from adults and children to aged persons; from students and houmakers to hard core professionals . These learners also have a wide array of requirements and varying levels of language competency. Considering the multidimensional usage of the language and complexity of demand we offer a variety of learning programmes to suit the needs of the knowledge seekers.We offer foundation courses , skills development courses, informative courses and creative courses .

Language Assessment Assistance Programmes

At Excellence we provide expert assistance to those learners who are taking language proficiency assessments. These include the IELTS/ TOEFL / SAT/ GMAT .

Content – Training is imparted in all four pathways of language learning- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Approach/ Methodology – The approach to these guidance programmes is need specific . It is in accordance with the requirement of the learners, pattern of assessment and language requirement. The focus is on concept clarity, practice and initiation to the pattern .

Duration- 30 -34 hours for group batches

Individual sessions are also provided

Study Material provided

Our Clients

Application Developers and Photographers

English for Special Purposes

Business English

This course is designed for professionals seeking career enhancement and for those desirous of entering a career in business. This course aims at a holistic training in all the aspects of language for the purpose of Business- listening, reading, speaking and writing; Ideal for business professionals, and those who interact with business professionals. Learn the jargon of business interaction. The course combines the different aspects of Business English – Business Grammar , activity, language, soft skills, etiquette and Business correspondence. This is offered at two levels

Level 1- For learners who are not familiar with business English and who need training in grammatical concepts as well .

Content- This level imparts training in basic Business English etiquettes , Business Grammar, Business Vocabulary and Business Correspondence.

Approach/ Methodology

Training methodology focuses on the Business English Vocabulary Business Terminology, understanding variations in speech, accent and jargon of Business community; Business English etiquettes Business Grammar and language of Business Interactions. Pragmatic explanation of concepts and practice for understanding.

Duration – 30 hours

Schedule- twice a week ( for group sessions )

Individual and semi individual sessions are also provided

Level2- For learners who are aspiring for advanced proficiency in Business English.

Content – Advanced Business Grammar, Business Soft skills, Business Writing skills, Language for Business Activities.

Approach/ Methodology The training focuses on acquisition of proficiency in Business English. Understanding Cultural Variations and Language; Acquiring Business Writing skills in a pragmatic , explanatory manner using audio visual aids . The focus is on interactive learning.

Duration – 32 hours

Schedule- twice/ thrice a week – 2 hour sessions (for group sessions)

Completion – two months

Individual and semi individual sessions are also provided

Assessment- In house Level assessment is performed for aspirants .

Post Completion Assessment – Post completion assessment is compulsory for learners to be eligible for certification


Enhanced Confidence

Career Advancement

Career position consolidation

Enhanced Business Communication skills

Target learners- Professionals, Students and Businessmen

  • Certification provided
  • Training study material provided
  • The course supplements learning but does not guarantee employment

Business Writing

The Business Writing Programme is a specific programme focusing only on training in Business Writing. Business Writing has specific challenges and adheres to certain forms and formats . This course is designed to fulfill the demand of Business Writing.

Language competency level – Intermediate/ High intermediate

Content- Elements and techniques of Business Writing, Language of Business Writing, Majors forms of Business Writing; Organization planning, implementation and editing of Business Writing.

Approach/ Methodology – Training Methodology focuses on the module of writing . The emphasis is on informing and perfecting the learner in the techniques of Business Writing. Elaborating on the correct use of grammar; and familiarizing the learner with the challenges and jargon of Business Writing.

Duration- 24 hours

Schedule- twice per week ( for group sessions)

Individual and semi individual lessons also offered

Assessment- Post completion assessment is a requisite for certification.

Certification provided

Study material provided

Target learners- Students and Professionals

Business Grammar – This is a short term course that focuses on the concepts and rules of Business English grammar. It provides a structured grammatical foundation for the learners .

Content – Basis of Business Grammar ; Parts of Speech and their usage ; Word ; Formation of sentences ; Correctness of expression; grammar for Business Writing ; Spelling rules Grammar and expression .

Approach / Methodology – The approach to this course is essentially informative . The emphasis is n conceptual Clarity and its application in language usage . Concepts are explained and elaborated by functional usage.

Duration – 32 hours

Schedule – twice a week

Individual and semi individual sessions are provided

Benefits- This programme has immensely benefited Students and Professionals who need conceptual clarity and

strengthening of grammatical foundation.

Enhanced Language Skills l

Enhanced Confidence

Career Enhancement

Target learner- Students and Professionals

  • Certification Provided
  • Study Material Provided

Skills Development Programmes

Conversational Skills- Spoken English Programme

Spoken English course is specifically designed for learners who have little knowledge if English , but they are hesitant to speak or lack fluency and spontaneity ; have problems with grammatical construction and feel deficient in vocabulary. This course is offered at three levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Spoken English Beginners – This is for learners whose language competency level is low ; who need grammatical and vocabulary support for formulating speech .

Content- Familiarity with the basic phonetic structure of English language ; Simple interactions; exchanging messages ; making and answering basic enquiries ; understanding messages ; elementary quotidian conversations for attaining communication comfort.

Approach/ Methodology – Teaching Methodology involves conceptual clarity ; Clarification of doubts; initiation into correct form of speech and its practice . Teaching sessions are carried out by combining traditional learning methods with use of audio visual aids.

Duration – 30 hours

Schedule – twice / thrice a week

Morning as well as evening schedules

Special morning sessions for house –makers .

Completion – two months

Individual and semi individual sessions are provided

Spoken English Intermediate- This level is for learners who already know the basics , can handle simple conversations in English , suffer due to lack of confidence, inability of expression ; inability to understand different accents and respond to them .

Content- Phraseology of Conversations in different situations; Intermediate level grammatical concepts and their application in speech and conversations .understanding various accents.Practicing conversations for various occasions .

Approach/ Methodology- Training approach is instructive ,analytical and interactive with the application of audio visual aids. The methodology is to instruct , clarify, illustrate and practice . Instruction methodology combines traditional learning with modern aids ..

Duration – 30 hours

Schedule- twice/ thrice a week

Morning as well as evening schedules

Special morning sessions for house- makers

Completion – two months

Individual and semi individual sessions are also provided

Spoken English Advanced- This level is for learners who have spoken English skills , can communicate in English, but desire to attain proficiency . For learners who want to overcome accent issues or wish to acquire fluency and spontaneity in speech ; wish to enhance their vocabulary and attain proximity to Native speech.

Content – Understanding flow of language , Advanced phraseology , advanced Vocabulary; practice techniques to attain proximity to Native English speech; Accent reduction, speech practice for fluency and spontaneity .

Duration - 28 hours

Schedule- twice/ thrice a week

Morning as well as evening schedules

Special morning sessions for house- makers

Completion – two months

Individual and semi individual sessions are provided

Study material provided

Target learner- Students, House- Makers, Professionals

English Communication Skills

The English Communication Skills Course is designed to enable learners to communicate in English. The process of communication requires training in the faculties of speaking, reading writing and listening; hence this course combines training in all pathways. Specifically tailored to develop and enhance communication skills. This course is offered at two levels.


This course is designed to help people in day to day interaction. This serves as a basic communication course that helps you communicate in English in various aspects of life . It enhances communication skills by training in grammatically correct speaking, reading and writing . Ideal for those who struggle with day to day communication requirements . Ideal for learners whose language competency is above beginners and below intermediate . This course hones the learner with skills to communicate in various walks of life ; become comfortable in day to day interactions.

Content- Basic Grammatical concepts; speaking in various day to day situations , basic writing training, exchanging messages ; reading practice.

Approach/ Methodology- The approach is to prepare the learner to communicate in English with ease in various walks of life . The methodology of instruction combines instruction, pragmatic illustrations, doubt clarification , and enunciation into the usage of fundamental grammar .

Duration – 30 hours

Schedule- twice/ thrice aweek

Morning as well as evening sessions

Individual and semi individual sessions provided

Study material provided

Communication Skills Advanced

This course is designed for professionals to train them in communication skills in English language, which will facilitate career enhancement and self fulfillment. The course serves to fulfill and supplement language needs for communication in the professional world .The course combines training in language skills, skills for expression, soft skills , advanced writing skills. The course serves as a finishing course for students and professionals

Content – Advanced language training , professional writing skills, Soft skills , skills for expression , Art of communication , Presentations , Public Address.

Approach / Methodology- Instruction methodology is purely informative, interactive and response oriented appealing to reason and understanding.

Duration – 28 hours

Schedule- twice a week

Flexible sessions provided

Study material provided

Target Learner – Students / Professionals / Aspirants of self enhancement

Business Communication This course is designed for professionals, focusing on the process of Business Communication and the role of language and culture in facilitating communication at the work place.

Content – understanding the process of Business Communication; Channels of Business Communication; Barriers to Communication; Role of Language; Culture and Communication; Language for Business Etiquettes ; Forms of Business Communication ;Overcoming Communication Barriers and Effective Communication.

Approach / Methodology-Training methodology is primarily interactive ; response based and focuses on pragmatic usage making it effective and result oriented .

Duration – 28 hours

Schedule- twice a week / weekend only

Study Material provided

Target Learner- Students, Business Executives

Benefits –

Career growth

Enhanced career prospects

Business growth / Expansion

Enhanced Internal and External Communication

Elimination of miscommunication

Creative Skills Programmes

Creative Writing -

This course is designed to train, guide and support students in their creative expression. It is to assist the creative genius into the nuances of Creative Writing – Fiction, Non Fiction, Poetry or Drama.. The course is for those who have a passion for creative writing and for those who intend to become writers, editors, poets, content writers, biographers, script writers, fiction writers or feature writers.

Content- Development and organization of Creative thought; Forms of Expression, Nurturing the Creative genius; Language competency for expression; Nuances of literary expression ; Creative Expression in various forms of Creative Writing.

• This Programme is offered both for Adults as well as Juniors

Duration - 28 hrs

Schedule- Once / twice a week / Weekend only

Creative Writing Workshop – Organized both for adults and Juniors

Juniors- Organized biannually

Summer Workshop – First two weeks of July

Second and third week of August

24th Dec – 2nd of January

Assessments- Assessments are done on the basis of Portfolio presentation after thecompletion, to evaluate learning.

*Study material provided

Benefits –

Comprehensive targeted guidance for aspiring intellectuals

Releasing and Evolving Creativity and Creative genius

External support for self expression

Enhancement of creative skills / Language skills

Enhanced confidence

Achievement of lifelong aspirations

**Target learner- Students , house makers, creatively inclined professionals

Specialization - Candidates can opt for specialization in the following fields after completing the course

  • Fiction Writing- Short Story/ Novel
  • Poetry Writing
  • Biography
  • Journalistic Feature Writing
  • Script writing
  • Drama

Course span – 20 hours

** Study Material Provided

Club Activity

Reader’s and Writer’s Club

This is an ongoing activity on a membership basis . It is an intellectual bonding of creatively inclined persons. Members of the club meet once a week for two hours on a designated time to deliberate upon the chosen subject of the week. This Club serves as

a platform for budding amateur writers as well as established ones , whosoever wish to be a part of it; to exchange intellectual creative views on their writing ;a platform to ‘read aloud’ their works, to exchange creative ideas for literary expression soaring beyond the limitations of languages or nationalities.


This is an Advanced level Course meant especially for those who desire to excel in the art of public speaking. This course is designed to develop the candidate’s language skills, self presentation skills, speech ability, convincing ability, research ability, and also reasoning and argumentative ability. The course is presented in both the modules - Speeches and Debates.

Content- Research for presentation of argument ; Reasoning and preparation of argument ; Language for correct Expression ; Familiarity with the types of speeches ; Writing the speech ; Preparation for deliverance ; Presentation ; Critical Evaluation of Deliverance ; Enhancement Advice .

Approach / Methodology – This objective is to lead the learner on a path of proficiency by providing comprehensive guidance from research and writing to the actual deliverance . Evaluative guidance is provided at each stage . Critical advice includes self analysis .

Schedule- once a week / weekend only sessions


Attaining proficiency in speech

Enhancement in logical reasoning

Communication skills enhancement

Improved Language skills

Proficiency in Presentations

Widened career horizons

Elocution – Elocution is the training in the correct form of pronunciation ; Diction and the use of body gestures to supplement verbal expression . The training in the nuances of pronunciation, stress and intonation and the rhythm of speech .This course is ideal for children and teenagers desirous of attaining eloquence in speech. This course helps in attaining fluency attuned to the rhythmic pattern of speech . Elocution is the stepping stone to Rhetoric and Public Oratory.

Content- Stress and intonation, rhythm of speech, Accent and Emphasis, Flow of speech, variety of speech and expression, reduction of accent, overcoming inhibitions, acquiring fluency , learning from the Masters, importance of gestures in speech ;rhythm of prose, poetry fiction and drama; exercises in reading and recitation.

Approach / Methodology – This is a purely verbal course which focuses on the acquisition of distinctive speech. The methodology involves training the mind , tongue and auditory senses through verbal exercises and audio aids for producing unaccented ,rhythmical , expressive speech.

Duration – 24 hours

Schedule- Weekend classes

Benefits- Extremely beneficial for learners who wish to overcome accent problems ; who aspire to come closer to perfect speech ; who wish to enhance their presentation skills ; who wish to become good orators and public speakers.

It is the stepping stone towards acquisition of perfect Presentation Skills

Overcome accent problems

Enhanced confidence in speech and communication

Enjoy the subliminal content of prose, poetry and fiction

General English

Learning English as a language , its structure, its grammar , its vocabulary , functions and its usage in all its aspects

Offered at 4 levels

Absolute Beginners- Basic Introductory level

  • For those learners whose language competency level is 0-negligible

Content– Basic introductions,Alphabets, Number system, Basic Vocabulary .Fundamental expressions, fundamental exchange of messages, basic communication.

Approach / Methodology- This is a foundation level to enable the learner to become familiar with the basis of the language . The emphasis is on lexical learning and honing the learner with essential basic communication skills . Instruction is complemented by audio visual learning aids .

Duration – 28 hours

Schedule – twice/thrice a week

General English level 1- Beginners

For those learners whose language competency is low to beginners

Content – Foundation level elementary Grammar , essential Vocabulary . Basic rules of English Grammar; Introduction to parts of speech ; basic Grammar rules and grammatical

concepts ; formation of sentences; understanding and formulating messages conveying simple messages in speech and writing basic reading skills

Methodology /Approach – Methodology of instruction aims to provide the learner with a basic grammatical foundation in writing, speaking, reading and listening English. Our method of training is Explanatory instructive , illustrative and interactive with an emphasis on student response; doubt clarification and practice.. The emphasis is to teach English by strengthening all four pathways- reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Schedule- twice/ thrice a week

Duration- 30 hours –

Level completion – within 2 months

General English Intermediate

For those learners whose language competency is more than beginners. Already know the language but lack clarity in concepts; have insufficient vocabulary and need to substantiate their grammatical base.

Content- Enunciation to intermediate level Grammatical concepts ; vocabulary building; introduction to intermediate level writing and reading . Strengthening all four pathways of language learning reading writing speaking and listening.

Approach / Methodology - Teaching methodology focuses on introduction and explanation of grammatical concepts; their practical usage; application and practice.

Schedule – twice/thrice a week

Duration – 30 hours –

Level Completion-within two months

General English Advanced

This is the higher competency level . For those learners whose language competency is higher than intermediate . They wish to attain high proficiency in English.

Content – Higher level grammatical concepts ; advanced usage of language ; advanced vocabulary ; Strengthening proficiency in reading writing, speaking and listening.

Approach/ Methodology- Teaching Methodology focuses on the acquisition and perfection of grammatical concepts; clarity in usage of language ; perfection of reading writing speaking and listening skills.

Schedule- twice/thrice a week

Level completion – within two months

Duration – 28 hours

Target learners- All age groups

Students, professionals as well as house makers , all learners who desire to learn English language , acquire proficiency I and acquire clarity of concepts.


1)- Entry level assessment

Students aspiring to enroll for levels other than absolute beginners or beginners undergo an in house obligationfree entry level assessment test to ascertain their levels.

2)- Post completion assessment

Students who have finished their course undergo an assessment test to evaluate their learning .


This programme is ideally suited for ESL Learners. It is the best programme for students who wish to learn English as a language . Our students have reported the following benefits from this course:

  • Attained clarity of the language
  • Understood the concepts of language structure and usage
  • Overcome their long standing doubts
  • Attained confidence in using English as a language
  • Enhanced their communication skills in English

English Language course- This is a short term language course specifically designed for high beginners. For Non Native English speakers, who have very little exposure to English; those who did not have the opportunity or access to good education in childhood and require training in the basic concepts of English Language. It is also helpful for children to strengthen their language concepts. The course serves as a foundation course for high beginners.

Content- Grammatical Concepts, Practice , Usage and learning English by following the pathways of learning- reading, writing, speaking .

Approach/ Methodology – Emphasis is strengthening the foundation of language. Clarifying concepts and explaining usage. The emphasis is on clarity and practice .

Duration -( 32 hrs)

Schedule- twice/thrice a week

Course completion- two months

Benefits- Ideally suited for interim learners whose language competency is more than the average beginner but less than intermediate. The course serves to bridge the two levels .

Target learner- Students, house makers, workers and professionals

Intensive English Learning Programme ( IELP)

The Intensive English Learning is a course that is taught regularly each working day for the benefit of such learners who wish to learn English , have a workable knowledge of English in a short period of time. Learners who wish to devote their sustained efforts to uninterrupted learning. This programme is a periodical learning course which covers learning from the Absolute beginners to the high intermediate level.

Content – Training content includes three levels of General English – Absolute Beginners, Beginners and Intermediate. It also includes General Communication Skills and Spoken English Intermediate level.

Approach/ Methodology The approach is one of regular everyday teaching . Focus is on intense result oriented teaching .

Duration – 3 months

Timings- 10am- 1pm

Days – All working days , Fridays and Saturdays off

Starting and Ending Months-

January- March

April – June

July- September

October – December

Assessment – In house, obligation free assessment provided for aspirants to levels other than Absolute Beginners or Beginners

Post Completion – Learners are judged for their learning success on the basis of an assessment which is conducted after the completion of each level

Target Learner- Non Native Speakers desiring Intensive learning .

Certification Provided

Study Material Provided