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Learn Hindi

Hindi is the official language of India . It is widely spoken in India and some of its neighbouring regions in the sub-continent . It is understood and used for communication by people from Bangladesh, Nepal , Sri Lanka and also Pakistan whose official language Urdu is very similar in spoken form to Hindi . The popularity of Hindi is primarily due to its huge population of Expats that are spread all over the world and the high popularity of Hindi movies. Bollywood – the Hindi cinema industry is extremely popular and widespread .

  • India is one of world’s largest upcoming markets and is the foci of a large portion of World's intellectuals .
  • Hindi is a language spoken by one of the largest working forces in the world - both skilled and unskilled labour .

Hindi Language Course Levels & Course Content

At Excellence – Hindi is our specialty and it is also our passion . Hindi is offered as a language as well as a special course for spoken and communicational purposes only.

Hindi Language – Hindi Language Programme is offered for learning Hindi as a language, speaking, reading , writing and interpreting.

This is offered at three levels- Beginners, High Beginners and Intermediate.

Duration – Each level – 30 hours

Content- Alphabets, vocabulary, grammar, structure of language sentence structure , reading, writing and expressing , interpreting text.

Content- Basic terminology and vocabulary of Hindi, Phonetic structure of the language . fundamentals of language for better understanding .

Phraseology for basic communication like introductions, exchange of messages , enquiries and answers , communication for different situations.

Course Levels

This course is provided at three levels- Level1; Level 2 and Level 3

Duration – Each level -24 hours

Benefits- The benefits of learning Hindi at Excellence are manifold:

For Business Expansion

For increased communication with a large work force

Partaking of an ancient vibrant culture

Understanding India and its culture

Tourism in India

Enhanced communication with a large section of Indian Intellectuals

Enjoy the essence of Hindustani culture and its movies

*Study Material provided

*Individual sessions and semi individual sessions are provided.


Methodology – Our Methodology of instruction is distinctive. For this course we do not subject the learner to learning the Hindi Alphabet. The entire training content is in form of transcription in English with guided notations for pronunciation. The use of structured approach and audio visual aids makes learning Hindi an effective pleasant experience