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Russian Language

Russian is a widely spoken language, used as the first and official language in the entire region neighboring Russia especially the countries that were a part of the Soviet Union. Russia is a big market. Is a significant business partner with UAE. People from this region speak very little English, and hence communication is mostly in Russian language. Knowing Russian language is therefore an asset for those who wish to interact with Russians.

Russian is also beneficial for cultural communication. It is also helpful to travelers who want to travel to Russia as the entire region is of great scenic, historical, business and academic interest. Russian is also pursued as a language interest. We therefore offer Russian Language Courses for the following purposes.

Learn Russian

We offer Russian language for basic communication purpose.This is a learner friendly course designed to fulfill the essential communication requisite of Russian language.

Content -This course gives a familiarity with the Russian alphabet, along with the phonetic guidelines in English ,giving the learner the benefit of both learning the language and understanding its meaning. Language for the purpose of Communication is the objective. Basic Grammatical concepts help in reception of language and knowing common phraseology helps interaction . The course especially focuses on pragmatic use of language.


All learners who are interacting with Russians for business, personal interaction ; travelers; or those desirous of learning Russian Language for the following reasons

1. Learning a new language

2. Learning the language of the masters of story writing like Leo Tolstoy.

3. Learning the language of an ancient empire; and a vibrant culture; for culturalinteraction.

4. Learning Russian for business purpose. Russia is big advanced business market and to penetrate this market, knowing Russian is inevitably an important asset.

5. For travellers who want to explore the Russian speaking lands.

6. Learning the language of an ancient empire; and a vibrant culture; for cultural interaction.

Russian programs

Russian For Business Purposes

Our course can also be customized and extended to include specific training pertaining to Russian Language for business purposes.

Russian Language Course

The training Centre also offers Russian as a Language programme. This programme follows a level by level learning schedule . Learners have the privilege of learning as per their requirement and interest.

Russian Corporate Training

Excellence Training Centre Provides Corporate Training in the Russian . The Russian Speaking region is a big market where Russian is the primary language of communication . This region is also a provider of a considerable tourist population. Hence corporate sponsored training is beneficial for business expansion and growth .

We provide targeted , specific , planned and effective training solutions. Our methodology is to assess need of the organization based on its activity , its clients and its growth prospective. Subsequently deliver well planned , result oriented training for optimum client benefit.

Our training is result oriented , cost-effective , focused and learner friendly

*The centre undertakes the responsibility of providing Study Material

Benefits with Excellence

  • The pragmatic customized course makes the learner fairly conversant with Russian Language to be able to handle routine communication.
  • Qualified and experienced Native Russian trainer.
  • Learning with the help of audio visual aids.
  • Training material provided by the training centre.
  • Learner friendly pragmatic approach to training content and deliverance for optimum learner benefit.
  • Cost Effective Learning
  • Academically vibrant atmosphere
  • Flexibility of time


Approach/ Methodology- Teaching Methodology is focused on deliverance and understanding . The content is given in form of a transcript in English . The use of audio visual aids facilitates learning.

Duration – 30 hours

*Individual and semi private sessions given

*Study Material provided