Presentation in Public Speaking


No matter what the future holds, learning the importance of presentation - public speaking is a skill that will help your child. By introducing your child to public speaking at a young age, you will give him a variety of experiences and self-confidence.

Confidence is the key ingredient to success and leadership in today’s fast paced, challenging and competitive world.

Our topics will help students in the following areas:

Conquer Fear

Introducing your child to presentation/public speaking can help them conquer any fear or self-doubt associated with talking in front of a group. It is natural to get a little nervous before a presentation, but practice can help a child to conquer fear.

Build Confidence

Presentation/Public speaking opportunities are a great way for your child to build self-confidence. Our structured program, which engages students constantly to speak, your child's confidence level will increase with each experience. Whether the speech is a simple recitation of a snippet of information or a demonstration speech, these spoken-word experiences foster a child's feelings of self-worth.

Model Behavior

Introducing your child to public speaking at a young age will teach them the power of words and model ways public speaking can benefit adults. Your child will earn to voice an opinion or concern in an appropriate manner. This skill set will benefit your child as he progresses through school to the real world. Public speaking is the cornerstone of the world of work. Most positions require a job interview. An early introduction to public speaking will build your child's confidence and prepare them for real-world applications.

Our unique hands on topics goals are to :

  • Teach students how to overcome nervousness, speak loudly, develop posture, organize their ideas, and utilize visual aids and the importance of non-verbal communication.
  • With continuous practice and constructive personal feedback, children will become natural speakers and learn to Think, Lead and Communicate.
  • These recipes are designed to improve self confidence, clear communication, and critical thinking and public speaking skills, learning to overcome shyness and accept new challenges in home and school settings.

Ages 5 - 8 years

Ongoing presentation, public speaking, confidence and communication development programs based around animals, things of the world, science, stories, characters, famous people and various topics that intrigue kids to engage in conversation. Each class teaches the way to present a topic on a specific subject, mastering facts and styles of presenting on stage.

Public speaking blended with rhymes and rhythms and poetry, responding to the literature physically, vocally and imaginatively through movement, story telling and choral speaking. We will cover topics such as proper handshake, eye contact and body language. The students will practice getting up in front of their peers and communicate in an effective manner in various presentation forms.

Role-playing can be beneficial for children in a variety of ways. Through role-playing, children can learn about difficult or sensitive subjects. This teaching strategy enforces empathy, cooperation and negotiation skills. It helps children identify with others in different situations. The creative play can teach them to see the world through other perspectives and develop good social skills.

Every student actively participates with a video recording of each session. Children will squeal with laughter and ooze with confidence as they portray different characters through dialogues. The themes are being delivered in the class.

Ages 9 + years

Teaches the essentials of writing and presenting great speeches on various topics. Students will learn how to create a speech on various topics, learn how to research ideas and how to present them in an organized manner, whilst developing powerful visual aids.

Students will be recorded to watch their own clips and receive constructive feedback on their presentations. The focus on the class is to develop each student’s unique style of presentation, teach them how to manage anxiety and fear of large audiences, and most importantly develop the necessary life skills to excel in and out of the classroom. Final speeches are recorded.

Want your child to be an effective class participant and successful presenter in public speaking?

Confident Speech - Session 1 - our ongoing SPEESHWORKS CLUB - lays the foundation for skillful public speaking.

Students learn how to :

Overcome nervousness when speaking in front of groups. Speak loudly and clearly. Use nonverbal communication. Organize ideas.

Recognize the features of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Utilize effective visual aids. With continuous practice, students build confidence and reduce anxiety.

Confident Voice- Session 2 - our ongoing SPEECHWORKS CLUB - teaches skills vital to developing a strong voice.

Students learn how to :

Control and use the power of their voice. Speak with clarity. Maintain a good pace.
Connect with audience using eye contact and body language. Conduct them in a calm and confident manner. Organize thoughts.

In addition to voice and speech coaching, the creative course curriculum features poetry, storytelling, tongue twisters, and songs, so students look forward to class, let go of anxieties, and develop confidence in a fun environment.

Confident Communication- Session 3 - our ongoing SPEECHWORKS CLUB - emphasizes skills critical to communicating effectively with others.

Students learn how to :

Think about and connect to their audience. Engage their audience with effective and clear speech. Use emotion in speech. Utilize nonverbal communication, including gestures, body language, and eye contact. Overcome speaking anxiety. Become a better listener.

At the end of the course, students highlight their skills in a final group performance. Professional coaches help students build confidence through continuous practice. Small class size, personal feedback!

Confident Self- Session 4 – the final course our ongoing SPEECHWORKS CLUB - provides opportunities for students to understand and integrate manners in their daily interactions. While developing an excellent foundation for public speaking,

Students learn how to :

Connect to others by practicing good manners.
Recognize the difference between polite and impolite behavior. Practice positive actions and a positive attitude. Speak loudly and clearly. Use appropriate non verbal communication.
Become a good audience member.

As students engage in fun activities that exercise their manners, they discover how to be a better friend and a model student in the classroom.